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Outdoor Fun

Simple outdoor creative and imaginative fun for kids of all ages.

Your kids will share their artistic flair with the neighbourhood, all the while getting a bit more flexible and fun physical activity outdoors!

If you are looking to build unforgettable memories with your family, the Play Snow Igloo is waiting for you.

A sturdy backyard accessory that is safe for your children and will provide hours of fun playing in their non-collapsing dream-like snow habitat. Hours and hours of time will be spent outside with the whole family.

Takes the stress and hassle out of filling and tying balloons!

Self-sealing balloons means no tying required. Includes 100 water balloons and three stems. Set them up without spilling any water. The best part? They fill up in under 60 seconds!

This classic has been soaring with kids everywhere for decades.

Ultra kit launches rockets up to 60 metres in the air! Requires no batteries or rocket fuel - 100% kid powered. The air powered rockets are ready to fly in seconds. Run, Jump, Stomp!

Promotes creative outdoor play during Canada's snowy season.

Kit includes 4 snow proof stencils, 3 snow sprayers, and six snow colours.

Give your paper airplanes power!

Attach PowerUp 2.0 to the nose of your paper airplane and watch it take to the skies! The Conversion Kit’s carbon fiber propeller shaft is virtually unbreakable.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a monkey?

Launch him like a slingshot by holding his stretchy arms and pulling back his feet and tail. Makes a fun scream every time he is launched and can fly up to 50 feet!

Take your little one along on a winter hike.

MotionBright LED lighting activates with each step, adding an element of fun. Lightweight and sturdy. QuickLock2 bindings offer a secure, snug fit and simple on and off. Tween 21” version is designed to accommodate a narrower stance and improve maneuverability.

Part skateboard and part swing.

The wooden skateboard-like base has a non-slip foam top. Wood hand holds are easily adjustable. Can be attached to a healthy tree, play structure or slack line. Stand or sit and rock back and forth for momentum. Before you know it, you’re surfing through the air!

Train like a Ninja!

Intro kit’s 7 hanging obstacles vary in skill level. Move them farther apart as you improve. Change the order to create endless patterns! Easy set up means you can take your training with you to the park or a friend’s house.

The best faux bow yet!

Aim and fire foam tipped arrows over 100 feet! Arrows fly at amazing speeds and are easy to launch. Durable, lightweight, foam tip arrows are safe without compromising distance, power or fun!

Perfect for hours of active, high-powered fun!

Slip into the inflatable body bumper suit and challenge a friend to some fun and safe backyard belly-to-belly bumping fun! Can be inflated with a manual or electric pump.

Turn your backyard into a laser tag arena!

Sophisticated electronics and optics give you pinpoint blasting accuracy up to 200 feet! Vest tracks hits. Options include team vs team or free for all. All Laser X sets work together. Play with one friend or the whole neighborhood!

Outdoor Science Lab comes equipped with everything curious kids need to explore the world of science right outside their back door.

This portable lab is packed with real science tools, hands-on activities, and special components that invite kids to identify, classify, measure, test, and analyze the natural world around them.

"The World's Safest Zip Line” is perfect for daredevils yet safe enough for Mom and Dad.

With a weight limit of 250lbs, it's designed to get the whole family involved. Featuring 70+ feet of galvanized aircraft cable and an easy-to-grip trolley, it's perfect for everyday play, entertaining get-togethers, family gatherings and more!

Your Adventure Awaits

The products described in this guide can be found in stores such as: Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Superstore, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Sport Chek as well as online at,,, and

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