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Physical Literacy Picks

Stand, sit, rock, spin, slide, tilt, flip, wobble.

Simulate skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding tricks and techniques with this amazing balance board. Curved yet sturdy contour improves core strength and stability, leg strength, balance, co-ordination, and gross-motor skills, while kids have a blast boarding like the pros.

Helps kids develop balance, co-ordination and gross motor skills.

Great for indoor and outdoor play. Durable Stepperz can be rinsed and ready to go for kids' next hop, step and play adventure!

Train like a Ninja!

Intro kit’s 7 hanging obstacles vary in skill level. Move them farther apart as you improve. Change the order to create endless patterns! Easy set up means you can take your training with you to the park or a friend’s house.

Perfect for hours of active, high-powered fun!

Slip into the inflatable body bumper suit and challenge a friend to some fun and safe backyard belly-to-belly bumping fun! Can be inflated with a manual or electric pump.

Dance like never before.

Perform ballet like a T-rex, tap dance like a cheerleader. Draw cards and spin the dial to find out how you’ll dance. Plays music to help you find your groove! It’s not about being a good dancer…it’s about having fun!

Bowl inside or out any time!

All the fun of bowling without the trip to the alley. Set up these giant inflatable pins almost anywhere. Invent ingenious ways to throw, kick or bowl them over. Hand-operated dual-action pump makes ball and pin inflation extra easy.

This game is a hit - anyone who plays it gets addicted!

Play anywhere quickly and easily. Find two teams of two and let the fun begin! There's a 100% chance this game gets you moving and a 75% chance you’ll break a sweat (99% if you really want to win).

Your Adventure Awaits

The products described in this guide can be found in stores such as: Mastermind Toys, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Superstore, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Sport Chek as well as online at,,, and

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