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The Best Things in Life are Free!

The Best Things in Life are Free!

Active play doesn't have to come from a store. Here's some fun ideas for free movement!

Cardboard boxes

They’re not just for cats, kids love them too! Boxes make great fort- building material. Don’t forget the cardboard tube swords.

Sticks & stones

They make great game pieces, building material, swords, stepping stones. Let your kids’ imagination be your guide.

Mud, sand, water

Messy fun is the best kind! Make mud pies, build sandcastles, create rivers and dams or race twigs down the gutter.


Gather leaves for a craft project, go on a nature scavenger hunt or just rake them up and dive in!


Dig it, roll it, pile it, throw it. Make a snow maze – better yet, get the kids to make one! The possibilities are endless.

  • Active Kids
  • by Saskatchewan in motion
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