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Raising Active Kids - You Got This!

Raising Active Kids - You Got This!

Think all kids are born knowing how to run, jump and throw? Think again.

Physical literacy is developing the skills, confidence and love of movement we all need to be physically active for life.

Physical literacy doesn’t just happen.

Here’s how you can inspire kids who love to move:

  1. Encourage your kids to try a variety of sports.
  2. Introduce a range of organized and unstructured activities.
  3. Make sure your kids are comfortable moving on the ground, in the water, on snow and ice, and in the air.
  4. Encourage plenty of free play – especially outside!

Not just for athletes

Physically literate kids are more successful in:

  • sport (pick-up and organized)
  • recreation (hiking, yoga)
  • performing arts (dance, circus)
  • daily activities (gardening, painting, climbing)
  • work (firefighting, roofing, military)

What the heck is physical literacy?

Learn more about physical literacy and how you can help inspire kids who love to move.

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